Got kids?  Bring them too!

When worship beings, everyone is in the Sanctuary.  The best way to help children grow into adults that are comfortable in worship is to include them in worship!  After a few songs there's a children's message and then children can follow their teachers to the nursery or Sunday School.  The parents are free to do whatever they feel is best.  You may:

  • keep your children in the Sanctuary
  • go to the nursery with them
  • stay in the Sanctuary while your children are in the nursery
  • get your children from the nursery or Sunday School for communion (or not) or at any point during the service - just please pick them up before you leave!


Christus Victor

Lutheran Church

Welcome and God bless you!  Join us at 10:00 AM on Sunday Mornings!  

The Almighty Triune God has given us a mission, it is: Fearlessly trusting God, we accept all others, ourselves, and our calling to give comfort.  Some of the many ways we live out God's mission to give comfort is through our refugee resettlement ministry, partnering with a nearby Lutheran Traumatic Brain Injury Center, and collecting funds in an "Emergency Give Comfort Fund."  Of course, worship is also a primary place where we give comfort to weary and sin sick souls.  We invite you to join us in living out God's mission!  There is hope, meaning, and purpose here and we pray you see it too.