Food for Afghan Refugees

(The food pictured above is actually from a Mardi Gras pot luck meal at CVLC.  Not necessarily the type of food our Afghani friends would eat.)

November 5, 2021

A message from Denise Santeramo (member & treasurer of CVLC):

Last evening about a dozen of us met with Chris from Lutheran Services of the Carolinas. Our gathering was in regards to supporting a family in the Afghan refugee resettlement program.

Chris discussed what our group’s responsibilities would be to the family we would be paired with for a duration of one year.

While we were personally asked to consider our commitment, there is no reason why we cannot assist the Afghan families already settled in Durham who are dealing with food insecurity.

Many times the supplied funding for food does not carry them through the month.  Families are arriving so quickly, there is not time to immediately process all of the paperwork to receive government benefits (like SNAP or food stamps).  So, the families might go a week without the ability to buy their own food.  With this in mind, CVLC will be holding a food drive this Sunday, November 7th.  See the list below for items that Afghan refugees would eat.

Thank for your participation!

~ Denise Santeramo

Here’s a basic list (from Chris from LSC):


-halal meat (from a halal market, if willing/able to purchase)


-cooking oil



-vegetables (potatoes also)


-tomato paste






-bread (loaves are fine; if purchasing from a halal market, flatbread is appreciated)

-green tea




-toilet paper

-hand soap

-dish soap

-paper towels

-tooth brush/paste