Goodness Grows Beginnings

Spring 2018 was our inaugural season - and we've been growing ever since.

But we began in 2017.

Turn the ground into garden space

Over a series of weekends in 2017, we began creating a garden out of our front yard.

  • Covering the ground

    We began by creating a space on the lawn -- that meant doing something to turn the grass into plant-able space.

  • Placing post holes for the deer fence

    Working with an auger, we learned that the ground was tougher than we thought.  More weight on the auger helped.  After the holes were dug, posts were cemented into place.

  • Building panels for the deer fence

    It was all hands on deck for building each panel in the fence, and then - getting them installed. 

  • Completed fence!

    Finally, we had a defined garden space.

Turning the space into a real garden

With a protected space, we finally got down to making a garden.

  • The dirt

    We brought in raised beds, then we brought in compost.  Lots of compost.

  • Lots of help

    The local cub scout troop helped to make it a real garden.

  • Inaugural planting!

    Finally, we had enough to actually plant.